History of our Church

“Our proper reason for church edifices is, that in them Christians may worship God, — not that Christians may worship church edifices!”

Mary Baker Eddy

On July 23, 1905, a small group of Christian Scientists, wanting to share the healing truths of Christian Science with their new community, met at the house of Miss Sarah Bradford to discuss the possibility of forming a Christian Science Society to serve Derry and surrounding areas.  The Society was established and the first worship service was held on March 7, 1909 at the Knights of Pythias Hall on Broadway, Derry. The first Wednesday meetings were held in a private home on Birch Street.

In the 1940s, the current church was constructed on One Boyd Road. There were no windows or doors in the basement and members would come early to build the fire in the coal furnace for Sunday and Wednesday church services. The Emerson family was instrumental in getting the new church built. Renza Emerson married Bart Shepard and give birth to Alan Shepard, who attended Sunday School in Derry.

Before the Sunday School was moved to the renovated basement in the 1980s, it was located in what is now the Reading Room.

Some of the early members included the Macks (Mack Apples), the Bensons (Benson's Hardware) and the Ferdinandos (J&F Farms). Their businesses are still very actively serving their community.

Alan Shepherd and Vincent Ferdinando, who is still an active member of the church, attended Sunday School together, while Alan's mother, Renza, was the soloist for some 18 years. Evelyn Fisher served faithfully as church organist for over 50 years into the 1990s.


“… with God all things are possible.” 

Matt. 19:26