Spiritual Healings

Each Wednesday evening members and guests share how they have applied Christian Science to their lives and the healing and blessings that resulted from that prayerful application.

  • To the editor:
  • On Sunday Nov. 8, 2009 in Pinkerton's Bradford Ek Science Building's Lecture Hall, The First Church of Christ, Scientist in Derry hosted a lecture titled The Medicine of Christian Science by Scott Preller.

    As a Derry resident and a lifelong Christian Scientist, I want to share with your readers how free public lectures can provide both moral and spiritual ideas for caring for one's health. In an era with so many fears of contagion and disease, I have been so grateful to know that there are so many choices in healing and preventing sickness. I have experienced many wonderful healings through the study and practice of Christian Science and feel impelled to share them.

    I attended Sunday School from the age of four and I remember that my first healing accomplished by my own prayers was the flu when I was in sixth grade. I was in the bathroom sick to my stomach in the middle of the night and simply claimed that God was all-powerful and filled my entire thought with this truth. I suddenly felt fine going back to bed and to sleep healed and appreciating the practical application of prayer.

    When a sophomore in high school, I began to suffer from severe menstrual cramps. I made the decision to trust God and the teachings of the Christ that I had learned in Sunday School rather than turning to a drug. After firmly making that decision, I never suffered from cramps again nor from any other problem related to giving birth.

    Readers are warmly invited to our church and annual lectures about Christian Science. These lectures are informative, correct misconceptions about Christian Science, and rejoice in the teachings and healings found in the Gospel. Mary Baker Eddy, the New Hampshire-born founder of Christian Science, said follow me only so far as I follow the Christ. She discovered that the teachings of Christ Jesus is the strongest medicine available and expected Christian Scientists to share this wonderful truth with their community.

    Randee Rae Martin, as written for the Derry News



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