April 16, 2023 Lecture

“Why Everyone is Needed”

given by James Shepherd, CS
Christian Science practitioner
Member of the Christian Science Board of Lectureship

You are needed!

Do you feel we live in dark times?

There is a spiritual solution for depression, feeling  unneeded, lack of worth,  suicidal tendencies, or just plain feeling left out of good.

You are warmly welcomed to a free, public, uplifting talk where you’ll learn that spiritual comfort and guidance is practical, effective, natural, and always with you!

Click here to see a one-minute clip from Christian Science lecturer James Shepherd C.S. of Eugene, Oregon.

Date and Time:

April 16 at 2:00 pm Sunday


Pinkerton Academy, Shepard Bldg
5 Pinkerton Street
Derry NH

Replay available as of April 17 on website


603 434 0161

Hosted by:

First Church of Christ, Scientist
Derry NH